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I have a good tankbag for longer trips (great as a map and snack holder), but I find it's more in the way around town. Still, I want to carry some emergency items, a cargo net, etc., so I use my rack space instead.  I know Corbin did their best but I think the beetle "bags" are kinda ugly. When I go camping, the load looks like this:

1. (Tall) Ventura pack-rack w/45 litre pack turned forwards over the seat for overloading
2. RKA expandable saddlebags
3. Marsee tankbag
4. Sleeping bag, pad, and tent under cargo net on the rear rack

Now, if I drop # 4 and go for some panniers and turn around the pack I could even take a passenger, though it would be tricky to carry all-weather camping gear. This rig carries a good deal more than my K1200RS with BMW hard case. Also, this setup is very nice and tight -- very little shifting and little drag at high speeds. I could be on the road for a while like this, which is a good thing if ever my wife found out how much I spend on motorcycle crap.  I also have a BMW Powerlet Plug with a 20amp fuse installed in the left inner fairing (can't see from here) for my heated gear.

Yeah, did'ya see the 180-odd MPH maximum speed?  Well, no I didn't do that. The sensor cable on the trip computer is starting to go after a year and is reading double once in a while. Sorry!

A little more detail on the Laminar Lip/DB install shown below.  I've seen the pyramid screen before but I couldn't bring myself to get it- just too strange looking for me (but, hey, I ride a Hayabusa with a luggage rack, what's "strange looking," anyway?).  I have seen a version of that screen with a vent near the front to lower the pressure behind the screen. Either way, the Pyramid screen looks very practical. I got the laminar lip at .

Did I mention that I am one of the baddest things that goes bump in the night around here? Dual HIDs. Yes, the high beam isn't focused especially well, but it's bright as heck, and I like what it does to the retinas of oncoming SUV drivers.  I got mine from though there are several vendors who could probably do as well. Hidkits bulbs and ballasts are well-made and having a lower operating temperature creates a more natural, yellow light.

The only trick is that the physically lower ("high"/pitched-up) beam goes through this coke-bottle-like lens, so the HID isn't as effective as it might be at illuminating, though it's better than stock and much more visible to oncoming traffic. There is just enough space under the Hayabusa's forward cowl for the two HID ballasts I use and cabling. Single ballast systems can be found, however, and probably would make more sense (I still save 45w of juice once they're running).