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Fantasy Sidecar
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Extreme Sidecars
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FJ1200 w/ French Comete Sidecar

While my wife and I were expecting our first child- I became rather intrigued by sidecars and started poking around.  And since being a motorcyclist is also about wondering what the next bike will be.  A sidecar seems a logical evolution of the motorcycle self.

So take a trip with me.
And let's take a look at what the world thinks about Sidecars. 
You've never seen a links page like this!


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USA Sidecar Manufactures

Armec Sidecars - New Jersey / Switzerland
California Sidecar - Virginia
Liberty Sidecars - Washington
Motorvation Sidecars -Iowa
Side Strider Sidecars - California
Sputnik Sidecars - Washington
Texas Sidecar Company
Velorex Sidecars - New York
Sidecar Training / Instruction
Alcatraz Moto - Bay Area, CA
Benchmark Works - Steib, MS


Click to enlarge
Teens era Indian with Princess Sidecar
This is my grandmother in the hack! ;)

Side Effects - Canada
Dauntless Motors - WA, Ural, Used
West Country SidecarsHampshire, UK
DRS Cycle - Cozy Sidecars, Goshen, IN
Purchase a Sidecar?
SideStrider, Van Nuys, CA

Ural sidecar w/ spare tire


Encore Performance - Ural service, AZ
Ural - US   |   Ural - UK

Ural-Team - German

Ural IMZ Military Issue

Ural Sidecar Story- German

Bruce's Ural Sidecar

Micha's Ural Sidecar - German

Sidestrider Ural Sidecars for sale

Russian Spares - Ural parts

Urals Sidecars for sale

-more Ural Links-

Misc Sidecar Homepages Europe, Japan & Australia Sidecar
Chilly Willy's Antarctic Adventure Bernardet Sidecars - French
Dusting Sidecars Charnwood Classic Restorations - Leicestershire, UK
David Braun's Sidecar Page Danish Sidecar Club
1996 Elephant Ride - Colorado Danish Sidecar Dealer
EML Sidecar Vibration Cure Equip’Moto SideBike dealer– French  
Sidecar dealer w/ plenty-o-pics
Firefly's Sidecar Spot Elefanten Treffen Winter Sidecar Meet | 2 | 3 | - Cool!! German Sidecar Photo Site - Great Pics !!!
HackPilot's Sidecar Articles Honda Helix Sidecar - Japanese
Hells Canyon, Idaho Sidecar Trip Japan Sidecar website - pics
Hitchhiker & Goldwind Sidecar Rig  Kalich-gespann - German
Installing a Champion Sidecar on a BMW R1200C Merlin Sidecar Manufacture - UK
Installing a RDS Cocoon on Suzuki Hayabusa Mobec Sidecars - German
Joe's Sidecar Page Motek Sidecars - German
John Dreuning's Sidecar- ton-o-pics Motorrad-Gespanne - German
Military Motorcycles & Sidecars MotoWig  - German
Military Sidecars Moturist Sidecars - Netherlands
Motovation Sidecar Manual Premier Sidecars - Australia 
Motorcycle Reference Guide, Trelland’s - Sidecars Rallye de la SARTHE 2000- Gobs of sidecar pics-Hayabusa
Super Mario's Sidecar - French Canadian SidepowerGerman- pics (w/ FJ1200 rig)
Sidecar Article - Streetbiker Mag, UK Steib Replica Sidecar Manufacture - German
Sidecar Baby Sweden's Sidecar Club
Sidecar Baby in a Honda Blackbird w/ EML - Holland Team Technology - German
Sidecar Notes – by David Stevenson - text West Country Sidecars - UK, Dealer
Sidecar Mike - pics, products for sale GGduetto Sidecars - Switzerland
Sidecar/Trike Education Program - Virginia Unit Sidecars LTD
Sidecar Mounting Photo Index - Motovation Sidecar Premier Australian Sidecars
  Sputnik Sidecars - Russia
Sidecar w/ Napalm Bomb Sidecar Dustings Vintage Sidecars - Australian 
Sidecar Riding Tips UK Sidecar Clubs
Shopping for a Sidecar - advice on UK Sidecar Club Photos
SNOW & sidecars !!  - Wow!! Unit Sidecars - UK
Squire Sidecars c/o Sidestrider Watsonian - Squire Sidecars - UK Dealer
Swallow Sidecar Company - History of Nefiti Sidecars - Finland
South Africa Sidecar Russian Motorcycle & Sidecar Owners Association - Australia – (Liberty Sidecars) Motorrad-Gespanntechnik - German
USCRA's Sidecar School - Nova Scotia Kesseler Gespanne Sidecar- German
Watsonian Sidecars  
Will Koppen's Sidecar - BMW R450 w/ MZ-sidecar  
Yarzies Sidecar Homepage  

Hartmut Bubenzer's Nalpalm Sidecar - top view

Stahmer EML Sidecar - German

Peter Stern Sidecar - German dealer

Japan Sidecar Club

Sakuma Engineering - Japan

Japan Sidecar 1998

Joining the Japan Sidecar Community

How to translate:  GoTo

Triumph with Sidecar

Triumph & Sidecar

Triumph with Sidecar

Sidecar Clubs & Organizations

Thanks to Mike Laubenstein for the pic
Don't Ask

Canadian Sidecar Owners Club

Flexit Sidecar Club Message Board

Japan Sidecar Community

Extreme Sidecars

Extreme Three Wheel Trike - (I think)
Extreme Sidecar - Japanese
ST320 Sports Tourer
Sidecar Pics to make Gary Rothwell jealous - French
Sidecar w/ Napalm Bomb Sidecar
What this is, I'm not sure...
Side-Bike Zeus
Handicapped Sidecar Rigs & Bikes
Handicapped Sidecar Rig 1 | 2 - pics
National Association for Bikers w/ a Disability - UK
Webmaster Note: This is a very obscure topic, and links are few and far in-between.  Anyone know of more info on this subject let me know.

Sidecar Racing

Classic-Motorrad - Germany

Becker Moto Works Sidecar - Photographed at Old Highway 40 Motorcycle Days - Donner Ski Ranch
Becker Moto Works Sidecar

Triumph Sidecar at Old Highway 40

'69 Kawasaki H1 Sidecar

LLR Sidecar Racing Team - Sweden

Speedway Sidecar Racing

CM Speedway's Sidecar Profiles

Grasbaansite Speedway - German

Photo taken at the Squaw Classic Japanese Motorcycle Show, Squaw Valley, CAA sidecar for little people


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