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Motorcycle Roads

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California Motorcycle Roads

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Highway 1
California Big Sur Coastline

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Mosquito Ridge
Sierra Nevada Foothills

One of the Southern Sierra's most unknown roads!
Road 23S16
Southern Sierra Nevada

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Exploring the finer moments of a completely deserted road on Beckwourth Genesee Rd in NorCal
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More, more, and more of Highway 36 North
The author of Pashnit on Highway 36 North
Platina Rd in a twist, a turn. Nearing Platina, CA
Highway 199 - Crescent City to Grants Pass
Happy Camp Road - CA to Oregon - Map
Hill Road- Lava Beds NM
Highway 96 - Hwy 299 to I-5
Scott River Rd - Fort Jones
Old Camp - Tionesta Rd - Modoc County
Gazelle Callahan Rd - I-5 to Hwy 3
Glass Mountain - A Mountain of Obsidian
Highway 299 - Trinity River Canyon
Highway 3 - Weaverville to Yreka
Highway 89 - Lassen National Monument
Highway 3- Hayfork Pass
Hwy 32 - Deer Creek Highway
Avenue of Giants - Humboldt County
Wildwood Road - Hayfork 
Beckwourth Genesee Road - Antelope Lake
Alderpoint Road - Garberville
Centerville Rd - Centerville Beach
Hwy 70 - Oroville to Quincy
Mattole Rd - The Lost Coast
Platina Rd - Ono to Platina
Highway 89 - Quincy to Mt Shasta
Highway 1 - Pacific Coast
Highway 36 - Red Bluff to Pacific Coast
Cherokee Rd - Oroville to Hwy 70
Branscomb Rd - Laytonville to Hwy 1
Oroville-Quincy Hwy  Oroville to Quincy
Hwy 128 - Calistoga to Fort Bragg 
Road 306 - Deserted wonderland
La Porte Rd - Marysville to LaPorte
Hwy 253 - Ukiah to Boonville
Leesville Lodoga Rd - Backroad Extreme
Oregon Hill Rd - Dobbins to Challenge
Hwy 175 - Hopland to Clear Lake  3-D Map
Hwy 160-Garden Highway - Sac River Delta

You'd never know it was even there!  Peachy Canyon Rd near Atascadero, CA Buell on Beckwourth Genesse Rd near Antelope Lake Riding the Mountain Passes - Highway 108 Sonora Pass

Rossi's Driveway!  Check out this footage by of one of Pashnit Tours' favorite roads!! Video: Marin Sonoma Ride c/o Tyler

Big Canyon Road - Middleton
Hwy 49 - Nevada City to Sattley : Video
Mountain View Road - Boonville to Hwy 1
Tyler Foote Rd - Nevada City
Annapolis Road - Annapolis
Rossi's Driveway!  Check out this footage by of one of Pashnit Tours' favorite roads!! Video: Berryessa Knoxville c/o Dogboy
Hwy 128 -  Napa to Winters 
Geysers Road - Geyserville - 3-D Map
Pleasant Valley Rd - Bridgeport
Fort Ross Rd - Guerneville to Fort Ross
Ida Clayton Road - Mt. St. Helena
Bohemian Highway - Occidental
Chalk Hill Road - Healdsburg
Iowa Hill Road - Colfax to Foresthill
Coleman Valley Road - Occidental
Steep Canyons and Incredible Views on this Pashnit Ride!! Photo Shoot - Iowa Hill Rd
Sweetwater Springs Rd - Guerneville
Hwy 128 - Calistoga to Hwy 101
free Mosquito Ridge Rd - FREE PAGE
Rossi's Driveway!  Check out this footage by of one of Pashnit Tours' favorite roads!! Video: Hwy 1 Pacific Coast c/o
Cantelowe Rd - Vacaville
One of the Sierra Nevada's Beloved Motorcycle Roads through Pashnit eyes!! Photo Shoot - Mosquito Ridge : Video
Rossi's Driveway!  Check out this footage by of one of Pashnit Tours' favorite roads!! Video: Mosquito Ridge Rd c/o
Lucas Valley Rd - Nicasio
Chiles Pope Valley Rd - Chiles Valley
Fairfax Bolinas Rd - Lake Alpine
See video footage shot on a Pashnit Motorcycle Tour of Bolinas Ridge!! Video: Chiles Pope - Hwy 128 c/o Dogboy
Ridgecrest Blvd - Mount Tamalpais
Latrobe Rd - El Dorado Hills
Scott Rd - Sacramento
Marin Headlands - Point Bonita Lighthouse
Rock Creek Rd - Placerville

Bitterwater Rd - 50 Miles of Spring Green! Riders on a Pashnit Motorcycle Tour of Central California Spring green on Santa Rosa Creek Rd near Cambria, CA
Tunitas Creek Road - Hwy 1 to Skyline Blvd
Mosquito Rd - Placerville to Mosquito
Lobitos Creek Rd - my kinda goat
Bear Creek Road - Briones Reservoir
Pescadero Road - Hwy 1 to La Honda
Rossi's Driveway!  Check out this footage by of one of Pashnit Tours' favorite roads!! Video: Wentworth Springs c/o
Video: Pescadero Rd c/o
Pinehurst Rd - Redwood Regional Park
Ice House Rd- Loon Lake Reservoir
Redwood Rd - San Leandro Reservoir
Photo Shoot - Ice House Rd
Video: Stage Rd c/o
North Gate Rd - Mount Diablo
Cedar Ravine Rd - Placerville
Alpine Rd - Goat Trail Goodness!
Big Cut Road - Placerville
Video: Alpine Rd c/o
Newtown Rd - Placerville
Page Mill Road - Palo Alto to Hwy 35
Palomeras Rd - Castro Valley
Starkes Grade Rd - Sly Park
Video: Page Mill Rd c/o
Mount Hamilton Rd - New Pics!!
Hwy 236 -into Big Basin Redwoods SP
Mines Road - to Lick Observatory
Forest Road 71 - Strawberry Creek
China Grade - Goaty, but good!
Lodge Road - Big Basin Redwoods SP
Corral Hollow Road - Livermore
Mormon Emigrant Trail - Alternate 50
Empire Grade - Santa Cruz to Hwy 236
Calaveras Road - Milpitas
Photo Shoot- Capps Crossing Road
Soquel San Jose Road - Soquel to Hwy 17
video Video: Calaveras Rd c/o
Bonetti Road - Backroad Extreme
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Leading a Pashnit Motorcycle Tour through Northern California Wonderland
Santa Rosa Creek Road,           Cambria, CA

Check out this Pashnit Ride through the Apple Hill Region of the Sierra Foothills Photo Shoot - Apple Hill Region

free Hwy 1 - Big Sur - ALL NEW!!
North South Road - The Unknown Ride
Highway E16 - El Dorado County
Highway 25 - Hollister to Hwy 198
Union Mine Road - El Dorado
Carmel Valley Rd - Monterey
French Creek Rd - Shingle Springs
Panoche Road - Hwy 25 to I-5
See Pashnit Photography from the Fairplay region of the Sierra Foothills Photo Shoot - Slug Gulch Region
Los Gatos - Coalinga Rd -  Hwy 25 to Hwy 198
Fiddletown Rd - Plymouth to Hwy 88
Highway 198 - Coalinga to King City
Lockwood - Jolon Road - King City 
Highway G14 - Paso Robles to King City
View Pashnit Photography from this ride through the Shendaoah Wine Country Photo Shoot - Shenadoah Valley
Nacimiento Road - Fort Hunter Leggett
Sutter Ione Rd - Sutter Creek to Hwy 104
Rossi's Driveway!  Check out this footage by of one of Pashnit Tours' favorite roads!! Video: Rams Horn Grade c/o
Santa Rosa Creek - Cambria, NEW!!
Bitterwater Rd - Cholame, Lateral G
Stony Creek Rd - Jackson
Rossi's Driveway!  Check out this footage by of one of Pashnit Tours' favorite roads!! Video: Highway 229 c/o
Clinton Rd - Jackson to Clinton
Highway 229 - Creston, Rossi's Driveway
Tabeaud Rd - Hwy 49 to Hwy 88
Highway 26 - West Point
Jesus Maria Rd - Mokelumne Hill
Highway 58 - Santa Margarita to Taft - 3-D Map
Railroad Flat Rd - Independence
One of Central Cal's great roads, and a Pashnit Tour Favorite! Photo Shoot - Highway 58
Pool Station Rd - San Andreas
Wards Ferry Rd - Tuolumne
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Gazelle Callahan Rd nearing Mt Shasta Overlooking Highway 33 near Ojai, CA Fields of green along Platina Rd near Ono, CA
Join in a Pashnit Ride to Photograph Santa Barbara County!! Photo Shoot: Santa Barbara County
Big Hill Rd- Sonora
Soda Lake Rd - Simmler to Hwy 33
Cottonwood Rd - Tuolumne to Cherry Lake

Cerro Noroeste Road

Yuba Pass- Highway 49
Cherry Lake Rd - Buck Meadows
Henness Pass Rd - No. of Truckee
Highway 120 into Yosemite
See footage shot on Lodge Rd by - 42M Video: Hwy 33 - Lockwood c/o
Mormon Emigrant Pass - Alternate 50
Old Priest Grade Rd - Big Oak Flat
Highway 49 - The Little Dragon
Tepusquet Road - Best Road Ever !!
Up before the sun!  See what happens when Pashnit heads for the Sierra Nevada!! Photo Shoot: Sunrise on Hwy 88
Beasore Rd - North Fork, map
Carson Pass - Highway 88
Mammoth Road - Minarets Rd
Monitor Pass - Hwy 89 to Hwy 395
Road 235 - Redinger Reservoir
Jalama Road - Jalama State Park, Surf City!
Ebbetts Pass - Highway 4
Auberry Road- San Joaquin River
Santa Rosa Rd - Lompoc to Buellton
Sonora Pass - Highway 108
See footage shot on Lodge Rd by - 42M Video: Lodge Rd c/o
Old San Marcos Pass - Santa Barbara
Tioga Pass - Yosemite's Highway 120 
See footage shot on Tollhouse Rd in the Sierra Foothills - 11M Video: Tollhouse Rd c/o
Foxen Canyon Rd - Lateral G
See footage of Watts Valley Rd by - 18M Video: Watts Valley Rd c/o
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Highway 33 near Ojai, CA
Dry Creek Rd near Three Rivers, CA Annette Rd in San Luis Obispo Co, CA
Palmer Rd - Los Alamos
Links c/o Lateral G
See awesome ride vid by of Pittman Hill Rd - 18M Video: Pittman Hill Rd c/o
Cat Canyon Rd - Los Alamos
Generals Highway - Kings Canyon / Sequoia
Highway 33 - Santa Barbara to Hwy 166
Balcom Canyon Rd - Moorpark
Highway 190 - Western Divide Highway
Box Canyon Rd - Simi Valley
Forest Road 23S16 - Sugarloaf
Deer Creek Road - Point Mugu SP
Santa Susana Pass - Simi Valley
Highway 245 - Elderwood to Hwy 180
Latigo Canyon - The Rock Store
Dry Creek Road - 198 to 245

Los Angeles
Buell on Beckwourth Genesee Rd near Antelope Lake Riding the mountain curves on Little Tujunga Rd in SoCal The wonder of Titow Hill Rd near Willow Creek, CA
c/o Lateral G
Highway J41 - Kennedy Meadows
Ridge Route Rd - (currently closed)
Highway 155 - Lake Isabella - Kernville
Lake Hughes Rd - Castaic Lake
Angeles Crest Hwy - Lateral G
Highway 178 - Lake Isabella
Breckenridge Road - Bakersfield Goat
Boquet Canyon Rd - Boquet Reservoir
Ride California's Beautiful Hwy 1 Big Sur Coastline
Big Tujunga Canyon Rd - Mount Lukens
Angeles Forest Highway - Palmdale - Hwy 2

Central Coast Tour - Nacimiento Rd NorCal's Ultimate Ride - Highway 36 Arlington Rd headed to Antelope Lake north of Quincy, CA
Highway 243 - Banning to Mtn Center
White Mountain Road - Bristlecone Pines
Cottonwood Pass Road - Joshua Tree NM
Kelbaker Rd - Amboy to Kelso

Highway 168 - Westgard Pass, Big Pine

Highway 136 / 190 - Death Valley
Amboy Rd - 29 Palms MC Base
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Santa Monica Mountains
c/o Lateral G Website
Pashnit Ride !!
Piuma Rd - Monte Nido
Old San Marcos Rd - Santa Barbara
See footage shot on Lodge Rd by - 42M Video: Hwy 38 c/o
Saddle Peak Rd - Fernwood
Yerba Buena Rd - Santa Monica Mountains
Tuna Canyon Rd - Topanga Beach
Mulholland Hwy - Santa Monica Mountains
Mesa Grande Rd - Julian
Kanan Dume Rd - Malibu
Mulholland Drive - Los Angeles
Highway 78 - Julian
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San Diego
Ride Descriptions
c/o North County
Ride Santa Rosa Creek Rd near Cambria, CA
Highway 3 - Idyllwild Ride
Highway 78 - Julian
Highway 371 - Anza
Sunrise Highway - Julian & Mt. Laguna
Sage Road - Hemet
Montezuma Pass - Borrego Springs Ride
Ortega Highway- Los Pinos Peak - 3-D Map
Ortega Highway - c/o Lateral G
Yaqui Pass Rd - Borrego Springs
Highway 94 - c/o Ducati Girl
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Motorcycle Roads

Experience the wide open space of Nevada Motorcycle Roads !!
Highway 50
America's Loneliest Highway
Highway 375
The Extraterrestrial Highway
Highway 447
Borderline California

State Parks
See the Bodie Ghost Town SHP on a Pashnit Tour of the High Sierra
Fort Ross State Park
USS Hornet WWII aircraft carrier- Alameda
Julia Pfeiffer State Park - Big Sur Coastline
USS Pampanito  WWII Submarine - SF
Alcatraz Island - San Francisco Bay
Bale Grist Mill - Saint Helena
Angel Island - San Francisco Bay
Sutters Fort - Sacramento
Folsom Powerhouse - Sacramento
Lick Observatory - Above San Jose
Mt Diablo State Park - Walnut Creek
Railtown 1897 SHP - Jamestown

National Parks
See the beautiful Yosemite Valley on a Pashnit Motorcycle Tour of the High Sierra !!

Map of the locations of National Parks & Monuments in Southwestern United States

Glass Mountain - Modoc County
- Central California
More National Monuments & Beyond...
Jasper National Park - Alberta, Canada
Cassiar Highway, British Columbia
Top of the World Highway- Yukon Territory, Canada
Richardson Highway, Alaska (Alaskan Pipeline)

State Specific Road Info
Pashnit Tour Riders on Lamb Creek Grade near Mad River, CA

More USA Roads...
Canada Motorcycle Roads
European Motorcycle Roads
Alpine - The Alps
Sport Touring Websites
Horizons Unlimited- World Motorcycle Travel
Road Trip America - forum, trip planning
The Ride Guide - MN WI IA IL MI IN
Far East

2013 Pashnit Tours Riding Season!
100,000 Miles: Our TENTH year of providing Guided Tours of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Central California & Northern California from the motorcyclist that wrote the book on riding in Cali!! See pics of Tour Groups here...

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Celebrating over 14 Years! Wickin' it up on Highway 36 - CA's greatest motorcycle road
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