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Golf Bag Carrier for Motorcycles
Bicycle Rack for Motorcycles

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2x2 Motorcycle Golf Bag Rack

bullet Ride & carry your clubs with you
bullet Bag in-line with center of motorcycle
bullet Fully Adjustable with double straps
Includes rear pulsating brake light & steady running light
Easily interchangeable with Bike Rack
Ships worldwide

Item Number: 2x2-GBR
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Price: $379

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Moto Golf Rack
Price: $379

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Golf Bag Rack - Trailer hitch mounted

Golf Bag Rack for Motorcycles
with trailer hitches

bullet Rack attaches to Trailer Hitch on your motorcycle
bullet Kit includes Light Kit

bullet Ride & carry your clubs with you
bullet Bag in-line with center of motorcycle
bullet Fully Adjustable with double straps
Includes rear pulsating brake light & steady running light
Easily interchangeable with Bike Rack
Ships worldwide

Item Number: 2x2-GBR-T

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Make, Model

Golf Rack
Price: $259

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Golf Rack for Motorcycles

Knowing that a large portion of the motorcycling community are avid golfers why should you be left out, we at PashnitMoto also were discouraged by having to choose between two of our favorite hobbies leaving our motorcycles at home to enjoy golf or bicycling.

So we set out to create the best possible solution for enabling you to 'take it all with you'.

Golf Bag loads in Seconds
Solid Steel Construction
No-tool Adjustment System
Base Plate Supports Golf Bag Weight easily
No Clamping
Aerodynamic Alignment with Motorcycle
Safely and effortlessly Transport your Golf Bag
Rear tailight included with kit
Handcrafted in USA


Quick. Easy. Simple.

The result is the very versatile Golf Rack System that safely attaches your clubs to your motorcycle. The '2x2 Cycles Golf Rack' is made from solid steel stock and stainless steel hardware to securely hold your valuable golf equipment.

Whether you choose to be the early bird or take the back nine at twilight, the 2x2 Cycles Golf Rack will certainly enhance your 2-wheel experience.


How it works

Safety is the first priority. The golf clubs are carried in line with the motorcycle without compromising balance and low enough to stay out of the wind to avoid creating resistance. They are attached to the rack with Velcro straps that allow for adjustment for all different sizes of golf club bags.

The system is a fully adjustable rack with two Velcro bands that circle your golf clubs securing them to the rack.

The patented golf rack holder also includes a rear pulsating brake light and steady running light build also in the USA by none other then the great folks at Hyper-Lite producing 5x the light from your current tail light for additional safety and visibility on the road.

The golf bag carrier is connected to the 2x2 cycles rack with a friction key and additional lock pin for added safety. The 2x2 Cycles Golf Rack arm can be easily removed and replaced with a 2x2 Cycles “cycle arm” or adventure rack.

The 2x2 Cycles Golf Rack on the motorcycle rides in line with the driver of the motorcycle and at a profile lower than the rider. There is no noticeable weight shift or wind effect from the bike being attached to the bike.

The quick connect hyper light rear pulsating brake light allows another line of safety and replaces your rear taillight that is covered by the rack. The Hyper light uses a two pin wiring harness that can be quickly disconnected for rack removal.


Quick & Easy

Time to attach your golf bag to the 2X2 Cycles motorcycle Golf Rack?

In less than a minute after setting your golf bag onto the rack, the two safety straps get wrapped around your bag and secured and you’re ready to go. After you have done it and done it a few times it won’t be a second thought.

Bicycle, Golf, Adventure Racks and Beyond!!!!!
Enjoy the freedom and join the “Cycleloution” with 2x2 Cycles. Order your 2x2 Golf Rack online today!

Available for: Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, KTM, , Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, Aprilla and Ducati motorcycles. For Harley Quick Disconnect please go the Harley page


( Note: When ordering, you enter year, make, model of your motorcycle.)

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Bike Rack for Motorcycles

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