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Clearwater Lights
Motorcycle LED Driving Lights
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Clearly, There's a Brighter Way!

Clearwater Lights are compact, easy to mount and simple to install. In order to maximize the full potential of HPLEDs, Clearwater uses advanced microprocessor controlled circuits to keep light output constant at a wide range of voltages. Because we use programmable circuits to control the power, we can even remotely adjust brightness!

What Are HPLEDs?

High Power LEDs (HPLEDs) are a new generation technology ideally suited for the unique demands of today’s motorcycles. Providing higher output with lower power consumption – dramatically increasing your level of safety and reliability. The Clearwater Lights HPLED revolution is here! Clearwater HPLEDs Easily Surpass Halogen for Output and Efficiency.


Inefficient: More than 90% of the energy is wasted in heat

Short lifespan: Only 500-2000 hours

Fragile: Bulb filaments fracture under vibration

Output dims over time: Halogen starts to lose output from day one

Fixed output: Cannot easily control brightness


Much more efficient: 4-6 times superior to halogen

Lifespan: Hundreds of times longer than halogen

Dimmable: Safely use in varied conditions

Compact: Low profile, easy to mount

How Strong are These Lights?

Each light is either CNC machined or forged from billet. Brackets are machined from 6061 series aluminum and use durable stainless steel hardware. The internal circuit boards are actually bonded to an additional aluminum plate for strength and heat management. Surface treatments consist of BOTH hard anodize and powder coating on certain models.

Each Glenda Lamp is about 550 lumens, the same as a 50 watt halogen. HPLED lights use about 1/4 of the power of a halogen bulb. Beam spread is 15 degrees. At full power, each light uses about 12 watts. At a slightly reduced light level, the power usage drops significantly.

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Why Control Brightness?

Auxiliary lights are often avoided because of the added glare imposed on oncoming traffic - they're just too bright. But turning off these lights decreases the rider's visible "signature" for oncoming drivers, increasing the danger to the rider.

Dimmable Driving Lights? Yes!!

Clearwater Lights let the rider easily adjust the light output to the needs of changing road conditions. Because they don’t need to be turned off, safety is never compromised.

The unique brightness control circuit uses a rotary volume control to digitally change brightness in a wide range of intensity. The soft rubber knob is easily adjusted, even with gloves. It conveniently mounts on a handlebar or in a faring.

Can I Install it Myself?  

Yes, you can! Clearwater has a long history of designing and manufacturing quality products that are consumer-friendly. Instructions and owners’ manuals are written with the home consumer in mind. On site installation is available at our Rancho Cordova, California facility.

Why Buy
Clearwater Lights?

Clearwater Company has been offering award winning customer service, well-engineered products and outstanding product support for over 20 years. Clearwater products are manufactured in Northern California and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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