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Cycle Pump Air Compressor
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The CyclePump uses a powerful 12 volt electric motor and a high quality metal compressor assembly that's specially hardened for motorcycle applications.  To run the CyclePump simply connect it to any 12 volt power source (like your bike's electrical accessory socket or the terminals of a battery).  Attach the air hose to the tire, flip the switch, and begin filling your tire.

This is one of those items you never think you'll need, until you get a flat while out traveling or even around town. Whether solo or in a group, carrying a compact air compressor has proved itself to be a smart move on numerous occasions.

Motorcycle Consumer News compared the CyclePump against three other brands of motorcycle tire inflators while filling a rear tire on a Buell Ulysses.  MCN reported, "In testing, the CyclePump performed the best, putting out 30 psi after three minutes and 44 psi after five minutes."  These ratings are 18-36% higher than the  challengers ... further proof that the CyclePump's design, reliability and durability really do make the difference.  You want the best performance when it's time to inflate your tires, not the lowest price.

Cycle Pump to the rescue at 8400 feet:

Never know where you're going to need these things. This photo was shot at the Bodie Ghost town at 8400 feet. Kevin had ridden the 3 mile stretch of gravel to get to the Ghost Town and punctured his rear tire. Bodie is miles from anything in the mountainous high desert just north of Mono Lake. While I was off shooting pics of the town, Kevin was plugging the tire. He borrowed another rider's cheapy air compressor but burned out the motor within minutes.

We arrived, pulled the Cycle Pump out of the back of the Hayabusa and handed it over. Plugged it into my accessory outlet, and turned it on. Within minutes we had the tire pumped up and were back on our way. Without that Cycle Pump, I'm not sure what we would have done. As soon as we got back from this 3-day ride, Kevin went & bought a Cycle Pump and carries one with him to this day.

Note: Kevin is using optional Air Gauge that comes in a small pouch and allows him to watch the air pressure as it fills the tire. Handy!


Flat on Forest Rd 1:

Riding through the Northern California Trinity Alps, Tim punctured his rear tire on a small stick in the road with his SV650. No kidding. We were on Forest Rd 1- a lonely but intensely scenic 50 mile stretch of motorcycle goodness in the middle of nowhere. Sweeping the riders, I rolled up to discover him on the side of the road, out came the Cycle Pump, and within minutes we got the tire plugged, the tire pumped back up and we were back on the road.

Handy thing to have, without the on-board air compressor, we'd be at the mercy of CO2 canisters and the local tow-truck driver if we weren't able to get things plugged and easily re-filled.

Stowing the Cycle Pump on the bike:

Below are shots of the Best Rest Cycle Pump Adventure Model on the Pashnit Busa. The pump is small enough to fit into the supplied pouch and slide into the cramped quarters of the tail section of the Busa. In the pic, I even slid it further back under the tail section support bar, and even stuck the air compressor gauge into the rear of the tail section. Handy!! Really is 'Air when you need it!'

Cycle Pump Specifications

The CyclePump uses a powerful 12 volt electric motor and a high quality metal compressor assembly that's specially hardened for motorcycle applications. To run the CyclePump simply connect it to any 12 volt power source (like your bike's electrical accessory socket or the terminals of a battery). Attach the air hose to the tire, flip the switch, and begin filling your tire.

The CyclePump is proudly made in the USA from precision crafted aircraft-grade aluminum alloys. No fragile plastic components that can easily break when you drop it on the ground. The on-off switch is armored as are other components so the unit is virtually indestructible.

The aluminum case is less than 2" high x 4" wide x 6" long. With all the wires and power connectors and hose the storage pouch dimensions are 2x6x9". Weight is 34 ounces.

Tire inflation time varies by tire size, air density, voltage, laden or unladen tire load, and other factors, but as a practical rule the CyclePump will fill a front tire in 2-3 minutes and a rear tire in 3-5 minutes. Topping off a few extra pounds takes less than a minute. Just how powerful is it? Don't worry, it'll fill your tires quickly and it's rated to pressures over 100 PSI.

Cycle Pump in use in Iraq with British Special Forces.

Cycle Pump Air Compressor

The last air compressor you will every buy.

This expedition quality inflator is specially designed for the motorcycle enthusiast. The ADVENTURE has 4 powering options - BMW, SAE, cigarette lighter, and battery clips, a longer air hose, a second power cord for emergency automotive use, a redesigned aluminum case with folding legs, hardened internal components, plus many, many more features.

It definitely sets the new Gold Standard for motorcycle tire inflators. There's simply none better anywhere, at any price. One of our best selling products year round. Ships anywhere on the globe.

Price: $100

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Cycle Pump


Cycle Pump
EZ Air Tire Gauge
Air Gauge

The EZAir Tire Gauge attaches to the valve stem of your tire and gives instant, accurate readings. If tire pressure is low, leave the EZAir connected to the tire, attach a CyclePump to the brass valve stem fitting on the EZAir gauge, and turn on the CyclePump. The EZAir displays real-time pressures as the tire inflates.

If you accidentally over-inflate, you can release pressure using the bleed button on top of the gauge. This feature is especially useful for adventure and GS enthusiasts, who need to "air-down" their tires when they hit unpaved roads or trails.

The air hose is 12" long, the 1-1/2" dial is rubber armored, it comes with a protective vinyl storage pouch, and it weighs only 8 ounces. It's a compact package that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. Yes, it's larger than a pencil gauge, but the utility of the EZAir makes it worth the extra space.

Price $25

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EZ Air Gauge
Cycle Pump Combo Kit

The new ADVENTURE model of the CyclePump is now included in the Combo Package.  This version has added powering options, a longer air hose, a second power cord for emergency automotive use, a redesigned aluminum case with folding legs, and many more features.

We've combined our 3 most popular tire products into one convenient kit, called the "Adventure Combo Package".  Ordered separately these items would be $174, but  combined, the products all together come to only $160. With the Adventure Combo Package you'll be ready for any tire problem, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Kit Includes:
Pump, Gauge, Tire Plugger Kit
Price: $150  

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Combo Kit

TireIron Bead Breaker Kit
Bead BrakR

The TireIron BeadBrakR is a levering device that incorporates a trio of tire irons into the mechanism that's used to remove the rubber tire from the metal rim. When the bead is free you disassemble the device and use those same tire irons to remove the tire from the rim. Repair your tire on the road, then use the included tire irons to lever the tire back onto the rim.

What could be more simple, more efficient, more utilitarian? This kit is about the same size as the Cycle Pump kit & designed as a travel kit.

Use it in the garage to change your own tires, or while on the road. Learn More...

Price: $170

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Bead BrakR
Bead Breakr

Cycle Pump & Bead BrakR Combo

Need both? Pashnit folks have been asking! Order everything as a complete kit, ship anywhere in the USA and save over buying each item individually!

This kit ensures both peace of mind with a complete solution for the home mechanic, sport-touring junkie or off-road aficionado. You'll have the compact air compressor, the air gauge to go with it, plus a compact tire plugger kit to carry on the bike. Add in the Bead Breaker Kit w/ tire irons and you'll be prepared for whatever your travels throw your way! Click for Additional Details...

bullet point Cycle Pump Air Compressor
bullet point EZ Air Gauge
bullet point Stop-n-Go Tire Plugger Kit
bullet point Bead BrakR Travel Kit

bullet point 3 Steel Tire Irons

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Bead BrakR
Multi-Tool Pliers

How will you pull the nail out?

point A multi-tool with metric, motorcycle specific components
pointStainless steel tool body and locking, folding components
pointFolding tools include: needlenose pliers with sidecutter/wirestripper, file, 6 mm socket/bit holder, spring puller, bottle opener, can opener, sewing awl, and knife
point Bit attachments include: #1, 2 and 3 Phillips and flat screwdrivers, 4,,5, 6mm Allen wrenches, valve core remover, and 1/4"-drive socket attachment
point Includes tough nylon case with belt loop and rubber attachment holder
point Add this to your motorcycle tool kit

Price: $19.95

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Moose Racing MultiMoto Tool
90 Degree Valve Stem Extension

One of the things we've always liked about our CyclePump, is the solid brass locking air-chuck. It's one of the easiest and most secure air-chucks on the market. This is just one more reason why the CyclePump excels in its design and function.

However, some folks report a difficult time getting a good airtight connection between the chuck and the valve stem. This is caused because the air hose is coming in from an odd angle, usually due to large brake rotors and/or spokes and/or panniers getting in the way. The hose gets kinked or slightly off-center, and the air chuck can't make a good airtight seal.

Or, on some bikes, there's just not enough room between the valve stem and the hub for an air chuck and hose to fit. (what were the designers thinking?)

That problem's solved with these chrome plated 90-degree valve stem extensions. Simply remove the valve cap, screw the extension in place on the end of the stem, then make a straight-on-sideways connection with the CyclePump (or EZ-Air gauge).

Fill the tire to the desired pressure, disconnect the CyclePump, then unscrew and remove the extension. Replace the valve cap and you're ready to ride.

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90 Degree Ext

*Note: These extensions are only meant to be used while inflating the tire, they should not remain on the tire. If you leave the extension on the tire it will cause an unbalanced condition, it may damage the valve stem, and it may cause sudden loss of tire pressure!

Power your Cycle Pump

Now that you've purchase your Cycle Pump, how will you power it?

The Cycle Pump comes with a SAE plug, Cigarette plug adapter, Powerlet style (BMW) adapter and Alligator Clips. Keep it simple & make things easy. Install a fused wire direct off the battery to a universal SAE plug- the same one your battery tender uses. Now you can also charge your camera, iPhone, GPS , GoPro Camera & video too!

Quickly install a Power Socket on any motorcycle. This kit does not require drilling or mounting a bracket. The SAE led is secured quickly with tywraps and can be hidden from sight. The SAE to Cigarette adapter can be stored when not in use. Fused at 15 Amps.
More Power Outlet options...

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Powerlet PKT-101

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How to FIX a FLAT
Click the photos to see how we repaired our flat & were back on the road in minutes.
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