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Galfer Platinum Lines
Designed to look like chrome!
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Galfer Platinum Brake Lines

Designed to appear as super-bright braiding under a clear plastic protective coat by braiding a 2nd time with platinum color braid. Standard with bright aluminum fittings.

What is the one mod you can do to your bike and get instant performance? Stainless Steel braided lines by far. Replacing the stock rubber lines on your bike will quite literally give you a brand new motorcycle. Gone is the mushy feeling and brake fade you've simply gotten used to. Steel braided lines will give you instant stopping power and you'll notice the difference on the very first ride.

Galfer Tech:

Galfer stainless steel lines improve your braking power by preventing hose expansion. Unlike OE rubber brake lines, Galfer stainless steel brake lines do not expand under pressure so they require less pressure to operate at their maximum. Galfer brake lines feature Teflon inner hoses wrapped by the highest quality braided stainless steel. Each line is covered by a flexible clear plastic that will not discolor over time.

This covering protects fenders and bodywork from scratches. The hose end fittings and banjo bolts are stainless steel for maximum durability. All kits include crush washers. Hose end fitting will vary depending on application.

Designed to LOOK like CHROME !!
Stainless steel lines dramatically improve braking stopping power with less finger effort.
Zero Expansion Technology inproves stopping power
Upgrading to stainless steel lines offers a better feel with smoother action.
Feature PTFE 62 Teflon unique steel braided 2.8 hose clear coated for a matching chrome look.
UV Protected exterior teflon clear coat protects bike from scratches and extends life of hose.
All line kits feature banjo fittings, bolts and washers in aluminum. (torque to 12-15 ft. lbs.)
Perfect upgrade for Sportbikes & Cruisers with chrome look.

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