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GoPro Ideas
Creative Mounting ideas for your GoPro!
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Owning a GoPro and getting the shot you want is all about being creative! Allow your imagination to work. The GoPro HD or GoPro 5 kit comes complete with all the mounts you need to right away making it the perfect gadget for riders! You can be up and running shooting Hi-Def video of your ride in minutes.

But the GoPro can do even more than that with a little creativiity - you can be creating 1080P video from an endless array of angles and vantage points.

What follows is our experience in using the GoPro to shoot not just video, but also to capture still photos of the ride!

All the RAM Mounts you see on this page were purchased direct from RAM Mounts via

Mounting Examples & Ideas

We here at PashnitMoto have gone gaga over the GoPro. However, we wanted to push the video and photos even father. The GoPro gives you this level of versatility with its lack of wires, and easy push button menus. Set and go

Below is list of the RAM Mount part numbers used to build these flexible arms. Log onto RAM's buy now site: and create your own flexible arm like we have.

RAM Mounts used:

RAM-PF-585-6: RAM 6" Flex Arm with 1/4" NPT Ends
RAM-B-218-1: RAM Single Ball with 1/4" NPT Hole
RAM-B-200-1: RAM Single Ball Socket Arm for 1" Balls
RAM-B-201: RAM Double Socket Arm for 1" Balls
RAM-B-202: RAM 2 1/2 Diameter Base with 1" Ball
RAM-B-252U: RAM .87x2.25 with 11 mm Hole & 1" Ball
RAM-B-272U: RAM Base with 9 mm Hole and1" Ball

Click Pics to Enlarge
Click Pics to Enlarge


Getting the Shot.

The GoPro HD is an amazing little camera with a spec sheet that will make you say, ' Wow!'. Not only can you shoot 1080P HiDef video, you can film for 8 hours of continuous footage while powered by your bike! Plus with your wireless mic, you can record the sing-song of your exhaust note as you ride. View the footage in the middle of your ride with the LCD option. Waterproof, shockproof- Simply turn on and go.

What follows is a page about mounting ideas. The GoPro allows you to graduate beyond simple point-of-view (POV) camera angles and get creative. The photos that follow provide examples of mounting, and the resultant shots. Various RAM 1" balls are bolted to the motorcycle using any bolt or promising mounting position.

The arm pictured at right is a 6" flexible arm. Total length is about 11". Note the J-Hook mount is used to move the camera slightly closer to the rider, but primarily to clear the visual of the arm.

Click to Enlarge

Handlebar Up.


If you're wondering how we got the shot at right- that's a good thing! Was it another rider? Nope. Simply the GoPro on 2-second-photo mode. While the assumption is to shoot facing forward or rearward, how about sideways. You can do this with the GoPro.

A Ram Mount is attached to the bar end of the motorcycle. Rotational stress on the mount may vary per bike. On the K1200R, the bolt is a large one with plenty of torque capacity. The Hayabusa uses a small bolt, so the mount wants to turn if stressed with too much weight.

Shooting photography and video with this mount allows the camera to be 'away' from the rider, but at eye level. You aren't just seeing what the rider sees, you can be right there with the rider, close enough to touch.


Click to Enlarge

Handlebar Down.

Lowering the GoPro closer to the pavement increases the perception fo speed. It also allows you to photograph the bike in your shot. With the 170 degree wide angle lens of the GoPro, you can still get a wide field of vision and take in the whole scene.

We've used two different arms with this particular mount. Both a flexible one and a rigid arm. Either worked fine.

Also note that mounting the camera in a rear-facing direction allows you to see both the rider, and the bikes behind the rider on the track or street. This style of mounting allows that knee-down shot if you're into that sort of thing. The GoPro enables you to be right there when that knee touches down!

Click on the photo at right, then look closely at how the arm is mounted. The arm is in-line with the mount which provided the least amount of stress on the mount. As you can see from the pics & video screenshot at bottom right - cool angle!

Click to Enlarge

Top Helmet Mounted

The easiest, quickest, and simplest way to mount the GoPro..

The GoPro Motorsports version comes as a ready to use kit. It includes several flat mounts and also 2 curved mounts. Not many helmets are flat on top, so just curved mount and attach the GoPro. You are now ready to begin filming your track session or afternoon ride.

Dirtbike, Bicycle or motorcycle - this mounting position allows you to see what the rider sees - and feels! Their field of vision becomes your viewing enjoyment.

The GoPro weighs just 5.5 oz with its waterproof case (2.7 oz by itself as a camera), and mounted atop your helmet, you'll forget it's even there.

Click to see the video

Click to see the video

Click to see the video
Side Helmet Mounted

Filming at eye-level provides the closest angle to a true riders point-of-view perspective. You see what the rider sees, they turn their head, we see what they see.

The GoPro provides you with several mounts to get you started on several mounting positions. Using the flat mount on the photo at right allowed us to shoot at a lower angle than atop the helmet for a better view of the gauges,the bike and the road ahead.

You may also like to include an expansion kit with your order like what you see at right. Our expansion kit in the photo gave us a greater degree of adjustability and ensured our camera was pointed right down the road while the riders chin as actually pointed down at the gauges in a tight tuck while sport riding.

Click to Enlarge

Crash Bar / Side Mounted

Quite a few motorcycles come with crash bars or engine guards. Round of course. Which gives you excellent mounting opportunities! While the Expansion kit will get you started right away, we opted for something even more heavy duty and invested in some more RAM mounts.

As long as no vibration is transmitted through your side mount, this mounting position worked great! Both on the K1200R and the Hayabusa.

Notice the photo below where our rider used a mounting bolt in the frame to create a mount using a rigid RAM arm. The lower the camera goes, the greater the perception of speed.

We often tell our tour particpants the GoPro has no idea how fast you're going, but it will record the feeling or sensation of speed depending on where it is mounted.

GoPro Surf Wide

GoPro Surf Wide
Cockpit Mounted

One of our Pashnit Forum members provided us with the simple photo at right. If you have round handlebars on your bike like the Ducati Monster pictured, you can be up and recording in seconds.

Using the Ride Expansion kit, this accessory kit allows you to mount the GoPro to any round handlebar, crash bar or engine guard.

Mount the GoPro, point it in the direction you want to record, and let it run. The pics below are the result of using the photo-every-2-seconds feature that allows you to focus on your riding, and not the camera. But all the while, your GoPro is snapping away about to capture that perfect shot!

Suction Mount

GoPro Surf Wide

GoPro Surf Wide
Suction Cup Arm

Your GoPro Motorsports Kit comes with the suction cup mount pictured at right. The premise is a simple one. Anywhere you have a flat surface on your bike, windscreen or auto - you simple stick on the Suction Cup Mount, attach the GoPro and start recording.

Note the photos picture are quick example - aboard the tank, the windscreen on the Harley, or even right in the nose of the Kawasaki Concourse.

The glue-like abilities of this suction mount provided by GoPro have become legendary - from multiple G-Force rolls in your plane, to 160mph speeds at the track. Stick on the suction mount and done - it's another well-thought out solution from GoPro that works!.

RAM Mounts

Rear Mounted

We've included some extra photos here to display one of our all-time favorite mounts. Two lengths are shown -both are RAM arms available from The problem we ran into with the shorter flexible arm is mid-curve, we got a great shot of the riders back.

Sourcing a slightly longer rigid arm at bottom right provided us the extra reach we need to see around the rider, or over his shoulder. This varied per bike though as we tried this mounting position on several bikes.

Shooting video over the riders shoulder or on the inside of the lane gives you the feeling of being in the backseat. As if we were quietly along for the ride of our lives. Full tilt, full speed, headlong into the next corner - the GoPro on an extended arm captures all the action - all the excitement of the ride!

RAM Mounts get the shot.

Footpeg Mounted

If you don't ride with a passenger much, you've likely got a great mounting point for a GoPro Video Camera. Point the camera rearward and get some awesome shots of the riders behind you. Or point the camera forward and record the movement of ball of our foot right on the edge of the footpeg!

Hanging off, full-tilt lean, side to side right there in the middle of the action. Getting the camera down low also gives the perception of speed. Everything is just wizzing by.

Just make sure you don't position the camera so low, it contacts the ground as you rail around the next right hander.

Don't ask us how we know that.

Rear Facing.

The two GoPro Videos at right illustrate two very simple points. First off, have you ever considered shooting with two GoPro's at the same time?

We have! Double your footage, double your angles from your video shoot, and double the material you have to work with when you go to edit your video. .

Another fun thing we've tried is one GoPro is filming, while the 2nd GoPro Hero is on the Photo-Every-2-Seconds mode capturing a sequence of photographs for just waiting for us to hit the full-tilt perfect curve!.

Rear facing cams is all about capturing footage of your buddies behind you. Now you get to be the camera bike adding to your available footage what it looks like to have those bikes leaning through curves, and allowing your viewer be right there in the middle of the action.

Limited only by your Imagination.

In the end, when it comes to getting the shot, you're limited only by your imagination. The kit at right will get you started. From there if your intent is to get the shot ,be creative and utilize the versitility of the GoPro.

Years ago when we began shooting on-board photography and video, it was duct tape and clunky video recorders. Technology marches on and innovators like the makers of the GoPro had the same issues you did. How to capture The Moment?

The GoPro Hero Video camera is the size of a matchbook. And it's 1080P Hi-Def capable of recording 8 hrs of continuous video. Waterproof, no wires, shockproof, designed for action sports- it's simple, easy, and ready to use right out of the box.

Click here to order your GoPro HD.

Ready to use. Complete kit.
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