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We are one of the largest Galfer Braking Dealers in the United States. We are here to help you with your Brake Lines & Rotors for Motorcycle, Cruiser, ATV, DirtBike, Snowmobile & Custom Applications. Click Here

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Accessory Power Sockets

Air Compressor

Air Filters - K&N: All bikes


Armored Clothing

Axle Caps

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Bar Ends

Bar Switches

Battery Tenders

Bead Breakers

Bike Covers

Bike Shelters new

Bicycle Rack for Motorcycles

Body Plastic

Bolt Kits

Brake Bleeding Kits

Brake Calipers - Brembo

Brake Fluid - DOT4

Brake Levers

Brake Light Modules

Brake Lines - Braided

Brake Lines - Dual Sport

Brake Master Cylinders

Brake PADS - Galfer

Brake Pedals - Folding

Brake Rotors - Galfer

Brake Rotors - PFR Series

Calipers - Brembo

Camera Mount - Cruisers

Camera Mount - Moto-D

Chain Guards

Chain Oilers

Chain Tools


Clip Ons - Vortex

Clip Ons - Yana Shiki


Clutch Covers - Ball Z

Clutch Covers - Yana Shiki

Clutch Kits

Clutch Levers

Clutch Lines

Clutch Master Cylinders

Cruiser Accessories

Cruiser Bike Dolly

De-Fogging Glass Cleaner

Drink Holders

Driving Lights

Dry Bags

Electric Clothing

Engine Covers


Fairing Stays

Fat Tire Kits

Fender Eliminator Kits

Fenders - Front

Fork Brace - Honda


Frame Sliders

Fuse Block

Gadget Mounts - Adaptiv

Gadget Mounts - Powerlet

Garage Door Opener

Garmin GPS Power Wires

Gas Caps

Gauge Faces - Illumiglo

Gear Indicator

Goldwing Bike Dolly

Golf Bag Carrier


Grip Heaters for Cruisers

Grip Heaters - Universal

Hayabusa Parts & Accessories

Headlight - Sportbikes

Headlight Modulator

Heated Gloves

Heated Grips - Cruisers

Heated Jacket Liner

Heated Gear

Helmet Camera System

Helmet Lock

H.I.D. Lighting


Integrated Taillights

iPhone Camera Mount

Huggers - Hot Bodies

Huggers - Yana Shiki


Kill Switches

Laser Jammer

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Levers - FP Tactical

Levers - Pazzo

License Plate Frames

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Lights - Clearwater
Lighting Control


Luggage - Giant Loop

Luggage - RKA

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MAPS - Moto-Maps

Mirror Block-off Plates


Motorcycle Turntable

Oil Filters


Pre-Load Adjusters

Race Stands

Radar Detectors

Ramps - Trailer

Rearsets - Vortex

Rearsets - LRC

Red Light Camera Detector

Saddlebags - RKA

Saddlebags - Giant Loop

Seats - New Image

Seats - Zero Gravity

Shift Levers - Folding


Shocks - BMW

Shocks - Dirt / Enduro

Shocks - Vintage

Sidestand - Portable

Sissy Bars

Speed Camera Detector

Speedometer Correction

Spike Kits

Stands: Front & Rear

Stator Covers - Ball Z

Stator Covers - Woodcraft

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Stickers - Pashnit Reflective

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Turn Signals

Undertails - Hot Bodies

Undertails - Yana Shiki

Upper Fairing Brackets

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Velocity Stacks

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Windscreens - Hot Bodies

Windscreens - Yana Shiki

Windscreens - ZERO GRAVITY

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Hayabusa Parts & Accessories
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So want to modify your Hayabusa? What follows is your wish list.

You can't just own it. You can't just leave it be. It sits there and stares back at you. And the longer you do that, the more it speaks to you. Could change this. Tweak that. Modify this. Add a bit of this. Make this a lil better. That's typically how it starts. So what follows is the all-new Pashnit Busa store for your Hayabusa Modifications. Scroll through your wish list and let's get you those parts you want! Need some ideas, click here.

LED Fog Lamp Kit


Universal Fog Lamp Kit

point Super Bright 3 Watt LED Fog Light Kit
point Universal fit for all bikes
point Mounts to any flat surface or use included L-bracket kit
point 3 Watt LED Lights with parabolic lens gives ample beam spread
point Smallest high power lights on the market
point Round 23mm diameter x 16.5mm deep w/ 6 mm thread
point Simple 12v hookup & easy to install

(Link to see Lower HPLED Lights in photo)

Price: $73.95


Hayabusa Throttle Lock

Throttlemeister Throttle Lock - Hayabusa (all)

point Machined from Billet Stainless Steel & Ampco Bronze
point Eliminates rust and corrosion. Maintains a lasting beauty..
point Sealed by "O" Rings to Keep out Dirt and Water
point Will maintain its smooth and solid operating feel for years. No maintenance. No need for lubrication.

point Engage by turning in the same direction as opening the throttle. Disengage by turning in the same direction as closing the throttle. Can be operated wearing heavy gloves. So simple to use that there's no need to leave it engaged when it is not needed.
point Busa Base Kit Price: $117 + ship


Throttlemeister for Suzuki Hayabusa Throttlemeister for Suzuki Hayabusa Throttlemeister for Suzuki Hayabusa Throttlemeister for Suzuki Hayabusa
Throttlemeister for Suzuki Hayabusa Throttlemeister for Suzuki Hayabusa Throttlemeister for Suzuki Hayabusa Throttlemeister for Suzuki Hayabusa


Standard $117
Heavy $134
Add Black Color +$10
Add Polished Silver +$15
Add Milled Option +$20 (black only)
Hayabusa Stealth Kit

Hot Bodies Stealth Accent Kit (08+)

point Dark smoked acrylic plastic kit transforms the tail with the tail light cover and the two turn signal covers that give the stealthy look.
pointThis kit requires no modifications as they fit over the stock parts and move the signals back.
point Combine with Hot Bodies Undertail or the stock OEM mud flap.
point Installation time is less than 30 minutes.

point List Price: $89.95, Worldwide Shipping
point Your Price: $79.95 + ship

Hot Bodies Racing Hugger
Hayabusa Rear Hugger: 2008+

Hot Bodies Rear Tire Huggers are the perfect accessory to our Gen II Hot Bodies Undertails

They not only look great and give you some extra color by the rear wheel, but they also help protect the undertail and the shock linkages from getting dirty. This Hugger can be installed in minutes and requires no modifications to your bike. Ships w/n 24-48 hours

- Factory color-matched for an OEM look.
- ABS plastic for a perfect fit.
- Direct OEM replacement fitment.
- Made in the USA!

- Need UNPAINTED? Click Here

List: $179.95
Your Price: $159.95
Hayabusa Air Scoops: 2008+
Hot Bodies Monster Air Scoops

Known as the hot rod of sport bikes, the all new 2008 Hayabusa looks the part with our new Oversized Air Scoops. This welcomed new addition adds a more aggressive and cleaner style to an already powerful street production bike. Transform your Hayabusa with the look that demands respect.

This stock replacement uses the factory mounting points. Made of high quality factory spec ABS and color matched to the OEM paiansparent.

• Stock fastening points.
• Choice of factory color match or
  transparent codes. Also available in the all new smoke trnt
smoke w/ hidden LED turn signals.
• Instructions with photos.
• Made in the USA!

List: $219.95
Your Price: $209.95
Hayabusa Levers

Pazzo Racing Levers
Short or Long

point Direct replacement of stock levers
point High degree of adjustability to get right fit to your hand
point Choose from multiple of colors to match your Busa
point Custom Engraving on left for just $10 bucks!
point Click Button for more Info & pics!
Price: $179.99-189.99

Click for Additional Details and Pics

FP Tactical Bi-Fold Levers

point Lever folds up and down for crash & tip-over protection
point Direct replacement of stock levers
point High degree of adjustability to get right fit to your hand
point Choose from multiple of colors to match your Busa
point Custom Engraving on left & right levers
point Click Link for more Info & pics!
Price: $179.99- 189.99

Click for Additional Details and Pics
Choose Options

Hayabusa BLADE Levers

point Choose from multiple styles and looks
point Chrome, Polished, Black, Blue color options
point Diamond, Exotic, & Blade Styles
point Click Link for more Info & pics!
Price: $109.99-165.99

Click for Additional Details and Pics
Choose Options
Hayabusa Turn Signals
Front Signals

Clear Alternatives Front Turn Signals - Clear (99-07)

point Direct replacement for stock amber signals
point Lens give you a true clear or custom colored look
point Sold in pairs, DOT approved
point Amber bulbs included replace stock bulbs
point Clear Price: $54.95

Clear Alternatives Front Turn Signals - Crystal Clear

point Direct replacement for stock amber signals (99-07)
point Lens give you a true clear or custom colored look
point Sold in pairs, DOT approved
point Amber bulbs included replace stock bulbs
point Crystal Clear Price: $54.95

Clear Alternatives Front Turn Signals - LED

point Direct replacement for stock amber signals (99-07)
point Lens give you a true clear or custom colored look
point Sold in pairs, DOT approved
point LED's replace stock bulbs
point Crystal Clear LED List Price: $99.95
point Your Price: $84.95

99-07 Hayabusa Integrated Taillights
Clear Alternatives Integrated Taillamp

Clear Alternatives Integrated Taillight (99-07)

point Direct replacement for rear taillamp on 99-07 Hayabusa
point Allows you to remove stock turn signals on 99-07
point Turn signals built into stop lamp
point Choose Color: Clear, Smoke, Blue, Yellow
point List Price: $109.95
point Your Price: $99.95 + $9 ship

2008+ Hayabusa Integrated Taillights

Integrated LED Taillight (2008+) - CLEAR

point Direct replacement for rear tail lamp on 2008+ Hayabusa
point This taillight comes complete with CLEAR Lens and built-in RED Tail/Brake Light LEDs and Amber turn signal LEDs! The AfterBurner LED board is chrome so that your tail light glows!
point Turn signals built into stop lamp
point Functions as running lights & brakes lights
point Superbright-LED's provide added visibility

List Price: $110.95
Your Price: $84.95
$10 USA Ship

Integrated LED Taillight (2008+) - SMOKE

point Direct replacement for rear tail lamp on 2008+ Hayabusa
point This taillight comes complete with SMOKE Lens and built-in RED Tail/Brake Light LEDs and Amber turn signal LEDs! The AfterBurner LED board is chrome so that your tail light glows!
point Turn signals built into stop lamp
point Functions as running lights & brakes lights
point Superbright-LED's provide added visibility

List Price: $114.95
Your Price: $87.95
$10 USA Ship
Fuel Tank

Keyless Gas Cap sets: Suzuki Hayabusa
Choose color base & gas cap

point Add a trick look to stock tanks
point Made from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum
point Available in five anodized colors or chrome finish
point All gas cap tops a re interchangeable with gas cap bases so you can mix and match from custom color combinations
List Pricing: $41.95 - $99.95

Hayabusa Windscreen Options

Zero Gravity Windscreen - Double Bubble

point Developed by ZG R&D in 1995 for Team ZG's race bikes, the Double Bubble is now seen on race tracks around the world
point Formed with a wedge-shaped bubble in the center of the windscreen, the Double Bubble was originally designed to provide superior aerodynamics for a rider tucked in behind the windscreen
point Adds a sleek, aerodynamic look to your Hayabusa
point Available in Clear, Smoke & Dark Smoke
Price: $89.95

Choose Color


Zero Gravity Windscreen
Stock Replacement

point Amplifies the Hayabusa's long & low looks
point Looks 10x better than stock screen. Seriously.
point Predrilled & designed to fit OEM Fairing with precision
point Clear screen won't interfere with filming via tank mounted camera
point View Ride Video shot through this screen
Price: $79.95

Choose Color

Hayabusa Rearsets

Vortex Rearsets - Suzuki Hayabusa

point Gives your bike the racing look and feel
point Improved ground clearance and enhances forward weight bias
point Design is computer-tested for strength, then machined from 7075 T-6 Aluminum and given a clear anodized finish
point Moves footpegs 5/8" up and 5/8" back,
point Includes rearset brackets, footpegs, brake lever, shift lever, brake & shift rod and required hardware, doesn't include brake pedal spring
point Images shown are for reference only
point Available in Aluminum, Black or Gold
Price: $369.95

  Choose Options
Black Vortex Rearsets Hayabusa
Hayabusa Stator Case Cover

Woodcraft Case Cover - Suzuki Hayabusa

point Add increased protection by keeping vital engine oil from spiling in a crash or tip-over
point CNC-machined from solid billet aluminum, offering the highest level of crash protection while still being lightweight
point Mandated by racing organizations
point Used by top top AMA Superbike Teams
point Dramatically alters the appearance of the bike over stock black
point Image shown for reference only
point Available in Silver or Black, left side stator cover

  Choose Options
Hayabusa Braking Options

Galfer Wave Rotors - Hayabusa Front Set

point Full floating with aluminum center carrier
point Direct bolt-on replacement rotors
point Lighter than original OEM Hayabusa rotors
point Laser cut and made of a unique high carbon 420 stainless steel
point Improves the lever feel and rider feedback



Galfer Wave Rotor - Hayabusa Rear

point Laser cut and made of a unique high carbon 420 stainless steel
point Pre-heat treated and double disc grind finished assures parallel and perfect flatness to every Galfer rotor
point Lighter than original OEM Hayabusa rotors
point Improved lever feel and rider feedback
Price: $126.95 - FREE USA Ship

99-07 Hayabusa
08+ Hayabusa/B-King

Galfer Steel-braided Brake Lines for Hayabusa
Set - Front & Rear, Braided stainless

point Galfer hose meets or exceeds the following tests and requirements: SAEJ 1401, UNE 26-399-89, ISO 3996. Temperature range : -67/ +464F. Galfer lines require less pressure at the brake lever to stop the bike, allowing the rider to use less force and stop faster.
point Galfer Brake lines are coated the entire length of the line to protect the bike from scratches and the brake fluid from humidity.
point Galfer pre-made brake line kits include all the necessary bolts and washers.
point For additional info about Galfer Products, Click here

Choose Options
Hayabusa Air Filter

Pipercross Air Filter for Suzuki Hayabusa

point Outperforms paper and cotton-gauze rivals to supply air to the engine - even when dirty.
point Multilaminate construction ensures long-life and lightweight
point Pipercross foam is able to retain more fine particles; over 4% more fine particle filtration at 98.68% versus 94.60% for cotton gauze
point Used by many race teams winning major championships on the British, European and World stage
point Plug-n-play replacement - remove old one, drop in the Pipercross.
Price: $93.99

99-07 MPX043
2008+ MPX142
Hayabusa Spark Plugs

NGK Iridium IX Sparkplugs for Hayabusa 99-07

point Designed specifically for the performance enthusiast. Iridium IX offers extreme ignitability, improved throttle response and superior anti fouling
point Fine Iridium tip ensures high durability and a consistently stable spark Lower fuel consumption
point "Trivalent Metal Plating" has superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties
point Smoother running engine & Longer life
point Improved ignition efficiency giving enhanced power and acceleration
Price: $35.95 (set of 4)

99-07 CR9EIX
Hayabusa Accessories

Dash Covers- Chrome or Black
Fits Hayabusa (all)

point CNC Machined from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum
point Instant custom look
point Hardware included
point Fits Suzuki Hayabusa
point Available in Chrome or Black
point Made in USA

point Click for Large Photos: Image 1 .:. Image 2

Choose Options

Hayabusa Steering Stabilizers
GPR Steering Stabilizer V4
Suzuki Hayabusa

point Designed 30% lighter than GPR V1
point Made specifically for sport/road racing bikes
pointSpecially designed to help reduce rider fatique and elimitate headshake
point Proven fluid control technology that's been squeezed, trimmed, and lightened to be smaller, faster and lighter
point Shorter fluid ports, new valving, quicker reacting to high speeds
pointLarge dial with a definite "no-slip" grip that locks into place with a positive "click" at 20 settings
point Developed during in the World Superbike paddock and the AMA Roadracing paddock and the AMA Road Racing paddock during the '07 season
List: $495.95
Special Pricing!!
Choose Options

Hayabusa Stearing Dampner

Hayabusa Ohlins Steering Dampner
Suzuki Hayabusa 99-07

point Oil in the dampner is kept under pressure to avoid free play
point Three different systems give you smooth dampning in all conditions
point Base dampning gives 16 adjustable settings (clicks) for maximum turnability and control
point Dampners mount across the upper triple tree
point Comes with all neccesary mounting hardware
Price: $495 - Free USA Shipping

Choose year
Hayabusa Ohlins Shocks

Ohlins Rear Shock for Hayabusa
Type 46PRCS

point All Ohlins shock absorbers are developed from the knowledge and experience of top factory reace teams around the world
point Superior construction, superior materials and superior engineering skills give you the best-quality shock on the market
point Shock body is precision-drawn steel with aluminum shock reservoir
point Stainless steel braided PTFE hose with the remote reservoir
point Springs made of chrome silicon
point All aspects of basic shock setup and performance are thoroughly tested to ensure that each Ohlins Shock Absorber performs flawlessly
point Ohlins Shocks are 100% rebuildable so you get lasting quality- you can adjust, reshim and overahaul the shock absorber for years of peak performance
point Supported by Factory Authorized Service Centers in the United States
point Type 46PRCS features adjustable rebound and compression dampning, and hose mounted hydraulic spring preload adjuster

Choose Options


Ohlins Type 46PRXLS Rear Shock for Hayabusa

Ohlins Rear Shock for Hayabusa
Type 46PRXLS

point 46mm shock position diameter
point Carbon shock absorber with external piggyback reservoir and dividing piston
point Reservoir is an extension of the shock body
point Allows for more oil and larger cooling areas for improved shock performance and durability
pointFeatures adjustable rebound and compression dampning, adjustable shock length and high - and low-speed compression adjuster
point Remote hydraulic spring preload adjuster

Choose Options

Ohlins Radial Front Forks for Hayabusa 2008+
FRGT 805 Road & Track

point Superbike Suspension performance for your street or track machine
point Bolt-on fork kids feature 43mm upside-down forks with inner steel legs and polished titanium nitride surfaces for minimal friction
point Fully adjustable rebound, compression dampning and spring preload: all adjustments can be made externally
point Kits include all necessary hardware and instructions for installation
point 43mm R&T, 730 Length, 120 Stroke, 04744-10 spring standard
point Forks come with 9.0N/mm springs installed, addtional fork springs available
MSPR: $2951.55 - Free USA Shipping, Click for price...


Hayabusa Bike Covers
Geza Pro-Stretch Hayabusa Cover

point Compact enough to fit inside the hump
point Perfect solution for night out or days on the road
point Stretchy material covers your bike, tank bag, jacket, helmet, etc.
point Several options of cover type to fit your needs from basic to heavy duty
point Includes a stuff bag to store the cover in & mirror covers
point Some covers available in black or silver

Prices starting at: $124.95
More options found here

Choose Options
Hayabusa Radar Detector
Adaptiv TPX Radar Detector

point First radar detector on market designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists
point Waterprooof & Vibration resistant
point Plug & Play design hardwired into your motorcycle
point Mounts on steering stem via optional mount
point Optional LED Alert or wireless alert headset
point Plugs into your existing Comm or GPS system to provide alerts

Price: $309.00 - Clear here fo complete Details

Choose Options
Hayabusa Laser Jammer

Motorcycle Laser Jammer by Adaptiv

point First motorcycle-specific Laser Jammer on the US market
point All waterproof connectors and wiring
point Blinder technology adapted from auto industry
point Hard-wires into motorcycle with jammer heads fore & optional aft
point Comes as complete kit ready to install,
interface control box
point Legal in 40 of 50 US States
point For complete description and videos, click here

Price: $624.00 - Free USA Shipping

Choose Options

Hayabusa Battery Tender
Battery Tender Junior

Battery Tender Junior

point Fully automatic two-stage lead-acid battery charger
point Trickle Charger assures batteries are maintained after charging gel cell batteries
point On 12V models, after full 14.4VDC charger is reached, converts to float charger and monitors battery at 13.2V; when voltage drops below 12.6VDC, charger resumes charging back to 14.4VDC
point Two-color LED indicator
point Spark-proof; reverse polarity protected
point 12' output cord and quick-connect harness

Price: $34.95

Hayabusa Chain Tools & Brakers
Chain Breaker
Motion Pro Chain Brakers & Kits

point Heavy Duty chain breaker for the Busa's 530 chain
point Easily breaks the chain and rivets back together
point Complete Chain Press Tool Kit
point Motion Pro T6 Chain Tool
point Chain Breaker And Riveting Tool
point Jumbo Chain Tool Kit

Price: Click the Buy Now link to see full list & descriptions

Hayabusa Travel Air Compressor
Air on the Go

Cycle Pump Air Compressor

Cycle Pump Air Compressor

point Compact enough to carry on bike
point Fits in tail section of the Hayabusa
point 12volt powered pump
point Used by world travelers & distance riders
point Optional Air Gauge & TIre Repair Kits

Price: Click the Buy Now link to see full list & descriptions


Order Details:

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Credit card via phone:
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Imagine if you could build the Ultimate Sport Touring machine! Your vision. Your ideas. The build project you've always wanted to do. With 40,000 products on tap, we can help you with that. Log on to see how we took a bone stock Gen-II Suzuki Hayabusa, and did exactly that!! We built the ultimate sport-touring machine - all culminating in riding the bike over 1000 Miles in ONE DAY. We've shot over 700 photos of the build process & documented every change and mod.

We started with a list of nearly 100 things we didn't like about the bike and started surfing through the PashnitMoto Store. Sourcing product from our suppliers, we embarked on a magazine-style bike build - shooting over 700 Photos of the transformation! Log on to see the transformation part by part, bolt by bolt... Every item you can do yourself.
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BEST SELLER: Cycle Pump Combo Kit
Ask the question we all want to know: Why? Why so popular. Why do riders prefer the Cycle Pump Kit over any other kit. Because when that flat finally happens in the middle of nowhere, you want the kit that get you safely back on your way!

This is the last pump you'll ever buy. The CyclePump uses a powerful 12 volt electric motor and a high quality metal compressor assembly that's specially hardened for motorcycle applications. To run the CyclePump simply connect it to any 12 volt power source (like your bike's electrical accessory socket or the terminals of a battery). Attach the air hose to the tire, flip the switch, and begin filling your tire.


CELEBRATE our ELEVENTH YEAR of conducting guided motorcycle tours around this motorcycle wonderland. 2014 Ride Schedule

PASHNIT MOTORCYCLE TOURS has posted up our ride schedule starting in March 2014. Ride 3 & 4 Day tours based from San Francisco: Ride the Sierra Nevada, Northern California, Nevada, Southern Oregon or along the Pacific Ocean - we've got a ride just for you.
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Complete your Saddlesore 1000 in a social group environment!
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PLUS!! We've thrown up a Question & Answer Thread on the Pashnit Forum about endurance riding in case you'd like to post up your thoughts. Officially sanctioned event by the Iron Butt Association, this rally is open to all. Log on to the PASHNIT FORUM HERE & let's hear your thoughts.


Watch this fantastic ride footage: Shot over 1000 miles of riding spanning a 4-day Pashnit Motorcycle Tour of Coastal & Central California. Watch what it's like to ride this Motorcycle Dreamland we talk so much about at Pashnit!

Shot along California Big Sur Pacific Coastline, Nacimiento Rd, Santa Rosa Creek Rd, Hwy 229 (aka Rossi's Driveway), Hwy 108-Sonora Pass, Granite Rd, Hwy 155, Hwy 190-Western Divide Hwy, Yosemite & Kings Canyon National Parks. Canyon decent footage is Kings Canyon NP.

Filmed by Trackday Videographer Kevin Fanady & Pashnit owner Tim Mayhew. Directed & Produced by Kevin Fanady of Shot entirely with the GoPro HD Video Camera - Click Here to Purchase yours at Love the vid? Ride on this tour! Learn more at!

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