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Air Compressor

Air Filters - K&N

Air Scoops - Oversized

Air Suspension

Axle Caps

Back Protectors

Bar Ends

Bar Switches new

Battery Tenders

Bead Breakers

Belly Pans

Bike Covers

Bike Shelters

Brake Bleeding Kits

Brake & Clutch Levers - Pazzo

Brake & Clutch Levers - Custom

Brake Lines

Brake Master Cylinders

Brake Pads - Galfer

Brake Rotors - EBC

Brake Rotors - PFR Series

Camera Mount - Moto-D

Case Covers

Chain & Sprocket Kits

Chain Guards

Chain Oiler

Chain Tools


Clip Ons

Clutch Lines

Clutch Master Cylinders


Dash Cover

Driving Lights for Hayabusa
Electric Shifter

Engine Covers

Fairing Stay

Fenders - Front

Folding Shift & Brake levers


Fork Caps

Frame Plugs

Fuse Block

Gadget Mounts - AdaptivMount

Gadget Mounts

Garage Door Opener

Garmin GPS Power Wires

Gas Cap

Gear Indicator

Grab Rails & Handles

Grab Rail Block Offs

Headlight - Hayabusa
Horn - Screaming Banshee

Hugger - Rear Fender

Integrated TailLamp

iPhone Camera Mount


Kill Switches

Laser Jammer

Levers - Adjustable Blade

Levers - Custom

Levers - FP Racing

Levers - Pazzo Racing

LED Driving Lights
LED License Plate Frames

LED Light Bars for Brakes

LED Turn Signal Lens

License Plate Bracket

Lighting Control Modules

Lighting Effects

Lights - Glenda | Darla

Lights - Fog, mini-LED
Luggage - Giant Loop

Luggage - RKA

Luggage - Ventura Rack


MAPS - Butler Motorcycle Maps


Mirror Extenders

Motorcycle Trailer - Folding

Oil Filters


Projector Beam Headlight

Radar Detectors

Radiator Guards new

Red Light Camera Detector


Rear Shock

RIMS: - RK Excel

RIMS: Brocks BST Carbon Fiber - CALL


Seat - Zero Gravity Latigo

Shocks- Ohlins

SideStand - Portable

Speed Camera Detector

Speedometer Correction

Spike Kits

Sprockets & Chain

Stands - Front & Rear

Stator Covers

Stealth Taillight Kit

Steering Dampner

Steering Stablizers

Swingarm Spools

Tail & Seat Bags

Taillight - Integrated

Tank Bags

Tag Bracket / License Bracket

Thumb Switches

Throttle Lock / Cruise Control

Tie-Downs - LockStrap

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Repair Kits

TRE - Timing Retard Eliminator

Triple Clamps

Turn Signal Lens

Turn Signal Modules

Tool Kits


Velocity Stacks

Upper Fairing Bracket

WAVE Brake Rotors - PFR Series

WAVE Brake Rotors - Galfer

Windscreens - Hot Bodies
Windscreens - R Series
Windscreens - Zero Gravity

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2x2 Cycles - Bike Rack

2x2 Cycles - Golf Rack
3BR Powersports new
Accossato Master Cylinders

AdaptivMount - Gadget Mounts

Adaptiv Motorcycle Radar

Adaptiv Laser Jammer

Arnott Air Suspension

Ball Z Motorsports - Call

Battey Tender

Baxley Wheel Chocks

Bead BrakR for Tires

Bike Stands - Front & Rear

Brembo Brake Calipers

Brembo Master Cylinders - Call

Butler Motorcycle Maps

Cheetah C50 GPS Detector

Clearwater Lights

Cox Radiator Guards new

Cycle Pump

EBC Brake Rotors

Emgo Folding shift lever

Factory Pro Velocity Stacks

FP Racing Levers

Galfer Brake & Clutch Lines

Galfer Brake Rotors

Giant Loop Luggage
new GIFT GUIDE new

GI Pro Gear Indicator

Geza Bike Cover

GPR Steering Stabilizer

Headlight for Hayabusa

Hot Bodies Air Scoops

Hot Bodies Undertails

Hot Bodies Stealth Kit
Hot Bodies Huggers

Hot Bodies Windscreens

License Plate Brackets

Lockstrap Tie-Downs

K&N Air Filters

K&N Oil Filters

Motion Pro Chain Tools


MOTO-D Racing

MotoLume LED Turn Signals

MOTO-D Racing- iPhone Mount

MotoLume Integrated TailLamp

NGK Iridium Sparkplugs

Ohlins Steering Dampner

Ohlins Rear Shock for Busa

Ohlins Front Fork for Busa

OnGuard Locks

Pashnit Patches

Pashnit Shirts & Caps

Signal Dynamics

PackJack Sidestand

Pazzo Levers

Pingel Electric Easy Shifter

Pingel Easy Shift - Kawasaki

Pingel Easy Shift - Suzuki

PMR - Bar Switches

PMR - Kill Switches

PMR - Mirror Extenders

PMR - Thumb Switches

PMR - Triple Clamps

Powerlet Products - Index

R Series Windscreen

RK Chain

RK Excel RIMS for Hayabusa

RKA Luggage

Scottoiler Chain Oiler

Screaming' Banshee Horn new

Signal Dynamics

SDC LED License Frames

SDC LED Light Bars

SDC Turn Signal Modules

Speedohealer V4.0

Speedway Shelters new
Stop-n-Go Tire Repair

SuperSprox for Busa

Tank Pads


TireGard Pressure Monitor

Ventura Rack for Busa new

Vortex Clip Ons

Vortex Rearsets

Vortex Case Cover

Wheel Chocks

Wheel Jockey

Woodcraft Stator Covers

Yana Shiki - Adjustable Blade

Yana Shiki Levers

Yana Shiki Belly Pans
Yana Shiki Dress UP Kit

Yana Shiki Grab Rails

Yana Shiki Chain Guards

Yana Shiki Kickstands

Yana Shiki Stator Covers

Yana Shiki Undertails

X-TRE for Hayabusa

Zero Gravity Double Bubble

Zero Gravity Latigo SEAT

Zero Gravity Sport Touring

Zero Gravity Windscreens


All NEW product - Installed on the PashnitBusa & we love them! Protect your radiator on your next big ride or at the track.
Click Here & Buy Now

Imagine a clean slate Hayabusa with no miles on the clock in the hands of the folks at PashniBusa. 75 Manufactures, 40,000 Part numbers - what will happen next? Watch us build the Ultimate Sport-Touring Machine. CLICK to follow the BIKE BUILD HERE!!

Click the pic to see pages of mods & pics
HID Headlight + Halo + Plug & Play Kit
ALL NEW!! newnewnew
99-07 Busa Owners
Plug-n-Play HID Kit for your Gen-I Hayabusa. Replace your stock headlight with a 6000K HID Headlight and the colored halo ring of your choice. Easy Install and great price! Complete kit simply plugs into existing wiring. Click Here


Supersprox-stealth will last 3 times longer than an aluminum sprocket and it's 50% lighter than a steel sprocket. We guarantee that our sprockets will outlast, outperform and outshine the competition. Click Here & BUY NOW TODAY

Improve your braking.
Sportbikes, Cruisers, Dirtbikes, we have your brake pads, lines & rotors. Everyone loves better brakes! Click Here & Buy Now

WOODCRAFT Engine Covers, Case Savers

Protect your engine with a Woodcraft Engine Stator & Clutch Covers. Honda, Ducat, Triumph, Suzuki, Kawasaki. Click to Learn More!

Be Aware.
TIREGARD Pressure Monitor Know your Pressure Know your tire pressure is spot on during your ride. Click Here & Buy Now

PashnitBusa is pleased to have the well-known ThrottleMeister throttle lock in our lineup. Replacing your bar ends, you'll be able to ride all day and relax that right hand any time you like! Click to Buy Now.

Bike-to-Bike Communicators
Shipping Worldwide !!
Neckmike Bike to Bike Communicators

All NEW product - Used by Pashnit for years. Order today and have shipped to your door! Click Here & Buy Now


Iceland, Brazil, Turkey, France, Argentina, Norway, Malta, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Greece, New Zealand, Russia, Australia, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Peru. Even Zambia. These are just some of the places Busa owners are located that we've shipped to. If you own a Hayabusa and are outside the United States, we would love to hear about your needs.

Shipping Globally
We can ship ANYWHERE.
The mods you want are readily available here in the US, and easy to ship to you. Ship times are often just days. We can invoice ship costs and help with multi-item orders. PashnitBusa will spend the time one-on-one to provide your next mod, or that box of goodies you've always wanted.
We are an authorized dealer representing over 50 manufactures spanning thousands of part numbers. If you would like that one-on-one attention to help guide your next mod, PashnitBusa is here to help source the A-Z product needed for your Hayabusa!


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Accessory Power Outlets
newAccessory Outlets
K&N Air Filters
new Air Filters- K&N
Pipercross Air Filters
Air Filter - Pipercross
Cycle Pump Air Compressor
Air Compressor
Tire Air Gauge
Air Gauge
Battery Tender
Battery Tender
Bead Braker
Bead Breaker

Worldwide Shipping
Gone Global.
We can ship there.

Geza Bike Covers
Bike Covers
Pazzo Levers
Brake Levers
Galfer Brake Lines
Brake Lines
Mighty Vac Brake Bleeder
Brake Bleeder Kit
Amber Brake Lights
Brake Light LED Bars
Brake Lights
Brake Ligh Modulator
Brake Modulators
Galfer Wave Rotors
Brake Rotors
Chain Tool
Chain Breakers

Chain Oiler

Clutch Lines
Clutch Lines
All New Clearwater Driving Lights
Clearwater Lights
Pazzo LeversClutch Levers

Cruiser Lines
PIAA Lights Cruiser Lights
Front Stand
Front Stands

new Garmin Wires
GIpro Gear Indicator
Gear Indicator
Hot Bodies Front Fenders

GPS Mounts
Grip Heaters
Grip Heaters
Headlight Modulator
Headlight Modulator

newGoPro HD new
Helmet Cam

new Heated Liner
Heated Gloves
new Heated Gloves
Heated Gear
Heated Vest
Helmet Camera
Intake Assemblies
Intake Assemblies
Inflation Kit
newInflation Kit
iPod Wires
new iPod Wires
Laser Jammer for Bikes
Laser Jammer
LED License Plate Frames
License Plate Frames
Motorcycle Locks
new Locks new
Power your Tankbag
new Luggage Electrix

newMini-USB Wires
USA Moto Maps
USA Ride Maps
K&N Oil Filters
Oil Filters

new Power Sockets
Adaptiv TPX Radar Detector
Radar Detector
Radar Mounts
new Radar Mounts

Radar Wires
new Radar Wires

Radar Detector Interface
Radar Interface

Rear Camera Mount
Rear Stand
Rear Stands

Signal Conversion
Cheetah C100
Speed Camera Detector
GPR Stabilizer
Steering Stabilizer
Superbike Competition Rotors
Superbike Rotors
Tire Repair Kits
Tire Repair Kits
Galfer Authorized Dealer
Authorized Dealer
Velocity Stacks
Velocity Stacks
Wires and Cables
new Wires & Cables

Zero Gravity Windscreen
new Windscreens
X-Tre Powerbox
X-TRE PowerBox

Pashnit Patch
Sew-On Patches

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Galfer Wave Rotors
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Pashnit Busa featured in Cycle World's SportBike Magazine Pashnit Busa featured in Cycle World's SportBike Magazine Pashnit Busa featured in Cycle World's SportBike Magazine